In 2022, fitness and community share a welcoming space

Wellness is about more than just working out. As people across the country make plans to improve their personal health in 2022, there’s a familiar place that’s not just a fitness center, but a center of community where people can be supported on their journey to better health while finding a greater sense of purpose through social connections. That place is the YMCA.

Over the past two challenging years, many people have discovered a new-found appreciation for the importance of community and camaraderie — and that’s exactly what people will find at their local Y. With 2,650 locations across the country, over three-quarters of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of a Y. So it’s more likely than not that there’s a Y at the center of your community where you’ll find fitness, friendships and a whole lot more. 

No matter your age, background or ability, heading to the Y will offer not just a chance to burn calories, but also a chance to meet new friends and neighbors while you build a better you. Schedule a time with a workout buddy, try out a class or simply show up and see what’s new — whichever you prefer, you’ll be in good company.



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