2021-22 Legislative Priorities

Youth Development

  • Helping children recover from learning loss due to COVID-19.
  • Support for the Child Care industry through sustainability grants.
  • Identifying developmentally appropriate school-age child care rules for licensed programs.
  • Support low income families through access to quality Child Care.


Healthy Living

  • Access to affordable, high quality health care and evidence-based programs.
  • Create funding streams to allow the YMCA to assist populations that adversely suffer from co-morbidities.
  • Creatively partner with the YMCA to serve low income communities. Provide incentives for local communities to partner and address health disparities in minority communities.

Social Responsibility

  • Support the Universal Charitable Deduction provision in the COVID-19 Recovery and Stimulus legislation.
  • Support the USDA Food service delivery program and funding for non-profits. Encourage local non-profits to partner with local school systems to deliver much needed meals.
  • Incentivize partnership between non-profits, health departments, hospitals, business organizations, and faith-based organizations to address health disparities in low income households.

Become a Y Advocate!

Believing that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, deserves to be healthy, confident, connected and secure, the Y is a powerful ally and advocate for our communities.

With a focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Y collaborates with national and community-based leaders and policymakers to increase the resources and support that empower individuals, families and communities to learn, grow and thrive.

As an advocate of the Y, you can help: 

- Influence policies and initiatives that help youth develop healthy behaviors, values, and life skills
- Prevent and combat chronic disease
- Build trust and understanding among community groups and decision makers
- Positively impact societal issues of importance to the nation and your community

Advocate in support of a movement working every day to build healthier communities. Interested in joining our Y advocacy action network? Contact David Ozmore for more information.