2020-21 Legislative Priorities

Youth Development

  • Foster safe environments for children and teens to learn foundational skills, develop healthy and trusting relationships, and build independence. 
  • Support increased funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) program. Like most Childcare Centers, YMCAs have been adversely affected by COVID 19 and need financial support to overcome mandatory shutdowns and governmental mandates. CCDBG also supports economically disadvantaged families by increasing the availability, affordability and quality of child care.
  • Support after school, child care, and universal pre-k programs. Support funding for 21st Century Learning Centers. 
  • Improve students’ educational readiness by promoting year-round learning opportunities in order to lessen the achievement gap.
  • Support the Non-Profit community by supporting the $50 Billion request for grants for industry stabilization.


Healthy Living

  • Create healthier communities through statewide initiatives that respond to the COVID 19 crisis. Support Emergency Child care funding at the State and Federal level to allow families to work.
  • Create funding streams to allow the YMCA to assist populations that adversely suffer from co-morbidities. Creatively partner with the YMCA to serve low income communities. Provide incentives for local communities to partner and address these health disparities in minority communities that COVID 19 revealed.
  • Provide financial assistance for individuals unable to afford YMCA memberships and program fees.
  • Support $5 Billion for CDC’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Expand evidence-based chronic disease prevention and management programs. 
  • Support $50 million for CDC’s Comprehensive Cancer Program, for a deeper federal investment in evidence-based cancer survivorship programs.
  • Support $110 million for CDC’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity (DNPAO), including resources to support the Y’s Healthy Weight and Your Child Program. 

Social Responsibility

  • Support the Universal Charitable Deduction provision in the COVID 19 Recovery and Stimulus legislation. Encourage more philanthropic support from the community to non-profits.
  • Promote access and availability of health care and wellness programs for citizens.  Incentive partnership between non-profits, health departments, hospitals, business community and faith-based organizations.
  • Support the USDA Food service delivery program and funding for non-profits. Encourage local non-profits to partner with local school systems to deliver much needed meals.
  • Eliminate the Unemployment Liability due to COVID 19 for self-insured non profits.

Become a Y Advocate!

Believing that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, deserves to be healthy, confident, connected and secure, the Y is a powerful ally and advocate for our communities.

With a focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Y collaborates with national and community-based leaders and policymakers to increase the resources and support that empower individuals, families and communities to learn, grow and thrive.

As an advocate of the Y, you can help: 

- Influence policies and initiatives that help youth develop healthy behaviors, values, and life skills
- Prevent and combat chronic disease
- Build trust and understanding among community groups and decision makers
- Positively impact societal issues of importance to the nation and your community

Advocate in support of a movement working every day to build healthier communities. Interested in joining our Y advocacy action network? Contact David Ozmore for more information.