Op-Ed: McConnell, Support Non-Profits

Nonprofit leaders are pleased to see these visits as a priority for the majority leader because they help illustrate the true needs of Kentuckians and the dedication, day in and day out, of our nonprofit workers on the front lines.

Many of these organizations hosting the senator are critical as both service providers and as employers, both in helping Kentuckians during COVID-19 and in the commonwealth’s recovery. What Kentucky nonprofits ask of Sen. McConnell in return is that he prioritize critical reforms in the next COVID-19 stimulus bill so citizens from all across Kentucky are able to get through this pandemic, and the nonprofits they rely on can continue their vital work.


Danielle Clore, David Ozmore and Pam Darnall (2020, July 29) Opinion: McConnell, do more than visit nonprofits. Support them during this crisis. Retrieved from: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/opinion/2020/07/29/covid-19-stimulus-bill-needs-reforms-help-kentucky-and-nonprofits/5460632002/